Automatic self-cleaning filters

100% automatic, these filters are working without any maintenance.
Several equipements are available depending on the application.

Suction arm automatic filter

Automatic filters - AG series

Use : filtration of water network under pressure : well-water, potable water network, industrial water,... These filters are also available in a sea-water version.

Advantages : available with very thin filtration degrees : down to 1 micron.

Automatic filter AS200

Automatic low-pressure filters - AS series

Use : Filtration of low-pressure water networks, and particularly filtration of well-water or surface water in protection of heat exchangers.

Advantages : no need of pump oversizing in case of low pressure use.

Well-water automatic filter

Automatic filter for well-water - Prago

Use : fit out with a 100 microns screen, this filter is specifically designed for sand-laden well-water filtration.

Advantages : the less expensive automatic filter.


Hydrocyclones are simple equipement for water and sand separation. Used for well water filtration, they are able to eliminate about 80% of sand, and ask few maintenance


Hydrocyclones - Alfa series

Use : Sand-full well-water treatment.

Advantages : Less expensive than the automatic filters. Less maintenance than on the manual filters.

hydrocyclone stainless steel

Stainless steel hydrocylones - HN series

Use : Sand-full well-water treatment.

Advantages : Strong manufacturing in welded stainless steel. Studied shape for more efficiency.