Well water filtration

Well waters often need to be filtered, for example before a garden watering or an agriculture irrigation. It can also be before a geothermal heat exchanger : a filter enables to avoid the heat exchangers clogging. For these applications, Hectron offers several kind of products, with few maintenance or fully automatic.

Suitable products

Hydrocyclones. or Stainless steel hydrocyclones

Prago automatic filters.

AG series automatic filters.

AS series : low pressure automatic filters.


Normandie forage, Verson (France). Prago filters and Alfa hydrocyclones for several applications of house well-water filtration.

Hervé Thermique, Châlons en Champagne (France). Prago filter (100 microns filtration) used to protect a geothermal heatpump.

CCF, Valbonne (France). In a private property, garden spraying network filtration. 2 filters AG200 3’’ IP65 PN10 60 microns.

Auto Lavage 83, Draguignan (France). Well-water filtration, used to supply a carwash. Prago filter.

Siagro, Diass (Senegal). Sand-laden (100 mg/L) well-water treatment through Alfa 300 hydrocyclone.

SCEA Cantou, Nousty (France). Treatment of dust-laden well-water, used to water livestock. Filter AG100 40 µm.

References : heat exchangers

Hervé Thermique, Milly la Forêt swiming pool (France). Well-water filtration to protect a plate heat exchanger. Filter AS200 80 microns.

Engie Axima / Romanité museum, Nîmes (France). The heatpump system is protected by 2 filters AG200 3’’, filtration 200 microns.

Tunzini, St Jean de Braye (France). As part of the renovation of a former industrial site, a geothermal heat pump has been installed. Protected by 2 filters AS300 DN150 80 microns.

Suez (Lyonnaise des Eaux), Rouen (France). Ground water heatpump, for a building heating system. Filtration 100 µm. 2 Filters AS300 DN150.

BBS Maintenance / Colas, Magny les Hameaux (France). Clay-laden well-water filtration, to protect geothermal heatpump exchangers. Filter AG400 DN100 1 µm.

ATIEP, Lilly France factory, Fegersheim (France). Well-water treatment, in protection of a water cooling system. 3 filters AS300 DN150 60 µm. Flow rate : 120 m³/h per filter.