Surface water filtration

Lake and river water contains highly clogging materials, requiring the use of an efficient cleaning system. Hectron filters can operate with water containing a high particle concentration.

Suitable products

AG Series automatic filters.

AS Series : low pressure automatic filters.


Vicat, Créchy (France) cement factory. Pond water filtration. Water used in the cement factory process. Flow rate : 110 m³/h. Filter AS300 DN150 200 µm.

SHEM, Paulhaguet (France). River water filtration, to protect a small hydroelectric plant. Filter AG100 100 µm.

Boccard / Electrabel, Feluy (Belgium). Meuse river filtration, for the factory water supply. 4 filters AG200 2'' in 6 µm.

Cofely Services / Papeterie des Vosges, Laval sur Vologne (France). Surface water filtration in order to supply a boiler. Filter AG200 3'' 20 µm.

Strelec, Strasbourg (France). Darse channel filtration, to supply water for the process, factory washing and fire protection. 2 filters AG300 DN150 PN10 in 200 µm.

Cascades paper factory, La Rochette, France. River water filtration, used in the factory process. 4 Filters AG300.

Soletanche, Kentucky (USA). Dam water filtration, used for drilling hammers operation. AG300 6 µm filters.