Seawater filtration

Specials, corrosion-resistant versions are available for seawater. These filters are used to protect heat pumps on seawater, in aquaculture or as prefiltration before reverse osmosis desalination systems.

Suitable products

AG Series automatic filters, stainless steel 316L + coating

AS Series : low pressure automatic filters, stainless steel 316L + coating

Alfa Series hydrocyclones, seawater version.


Drema Waterbehandeling, Netherlands. Seawater filtration to protect osmosis membranes. 2 filters AG200 316L-C 1 micron.

Ferme Marine du Douhet. Factory in Iran. New water treatment, after pumping. Sand-laden water. Hydrocyclone Alfa 300 Marine.

Atlantique Industrie / Le Havre (France) Congress center. Seawater filtration, to protect plate heat exchangers. 2 filters AS400-316L C, filtration 500 µm.

SLCE, Lanester (France). Sandful seawater filtration, through hydrocyclone. Hydrocyclone Alfa 200 1'' Marine.

Trafordyn, Saint-Nazaire (France). Setting up of a AG200-316L filter after pumping in the ocean, to supply a thalassotherapy center.