Potable water filtration

AG Series filters are available in ACS certified version for use on potable water networks. They can be used as final filtration or to protect ultrafiltration systems.

Suitable products

Automatic filters, AG Series.


Stereau, Ste Cécile (France) potable water treatment plant. Water filtration, to protect ultrafiltration membranes. Flow rate: 211 m³/h. Supply of one filter AG400-E DN250 with 200 µm.

Matec, Libreville, Gabon. Filters for Africa Cup of Nations 2017 buildings water supply. Filters AG300 1 and 6 microns.

MT2E, Sillans la Cascade (France). Installation of 1 filter AG100-E for a municipality water supply

Mora Eau et Environnement, Millau (France). Well-water filtration for use as potable water. Flow rate : 8 m³/h. Filter AG100-E (ACS certification) 20 µm.

Degrémont France, Vierzon (France) potable water plant. Water pre-filtration upstream the treatment plant. 2 filters AG200-E 500 µm, with ACS certification.

Degrémont France Assainissement, Belle Ile en Mer (France) potable water plant. Water pre-treatment after clarifier-settler. 2 filters AG200-E 316L 400 μm, with ACS certification.

Filtration for wastewater tertiary treatment

Hectron filters are frequently used in wastewater treatment plants to filter industrial water or before discharge. A filtration system enables to reduce the suspended solids quantity and is a security in case the concentration after the plant shortly increases.

Suitable products

Automatic filters, AG Series.

AS Series : low pressure automatic filters.


Veolia OTV, St Clément de Rivière (France) wastewater treatment plant. Filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler. Filter AG200 2’’ 200 µm.

Suez (Degrémont), Géolide wastewater plant, Marseille (France). Filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler, filter AG300 316L in 400 microns. Flow rate up to 70 m³/h.

Suez, Laon (France) wastewater treatment plant. Water filtration after the plant, for industrial use. Low pressure network (less than 0,5 Bar). Filter AS200 500 µm.

Veolia Eau, Thones (France). Water filtration after a wastewater clarifier-settler. Filter AG300 DN80 6 µm and sustainer CRF80.

Sogea Sud-Ouest Hydraulique, Assat Bondes (France). Industrial water filtration after a wastewater treatment plant : filter AG200 DN80 ; filtration 100 µm.

Stereau, La Santé wastewater treatment plant, Vitré (France). Filtration downstream a clarifier-settler. Filter AG200 3'' PN10 400 µm.