Industrial networks filtration

Hectron automatic filters are used to filter factories water-networks: cooling water or water used in the manufacturing process.

Suitable products

AG Series automatic filters.

AS Series : low pressure automatic filters.


B+W, Bottrop, Germany. Water filtration before high-pressure pumps. Water used in spraying systems. Filters AG200 2’’ 6 microns and CRL50.

Automatisme Industrie / Mecaplast, Lens (France). Cooling network in a plastic factory. A part of the flow-rate is filtered through a branch circuit. Pump + filter AG300 50μm + CRL sustainer.

Periplast, Perigny (France). PVC tubes factory. Colling closed-circuit filtration. AG300 DN150 100 µm.

Hohn aerodrome, Germany. Water treatment before fire protection water tanks. An AG200 PN10 3'' 60 microns filter has been supplied, and a CRL80 pressure sustainer.

Morssinkhof Plastic, Zeewolde (Netherlands). Elimination of PET particles in the factory water network. AG200 2'' filter, 40 m³/h.

SOTICI, Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. Cooling closed-circuit filtration, on the PVC and PE extrusion units. Total flow rate : 150 m³/h. 2 filters AG300 DN150 200 µm.

Flertex, St Florentin, France. Factory process water filtration. 4 filters AG200 20 µm.